Head shot photoShanae Pharaoh is an African American, Christian women in her 20’s who is mad passionate about personal finance. She is a real life Life Coach who works with former foster at a non-profit organization, preparing them for life outside of the foster system. It is here were she is able to utilize her love for personal finance.

She currently holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from California State University, a Master’s Degree in Family Life Education from Loma Linda University and working towards becoming a Certified Financial Planner. After assisting with starting two small-businesses and purchasing at home at the age of 25, Shanae’s personal finance experience comes from what she has learned from her own personal experience and that of others. Shanae often finds herself as the go to person when family and friends are in need of financial coaching and she is always happy to assist. She believes that personal finance is as essential to American lives as learning how to cook.

Shanae enjoys providing financial education and wealth coaching to those who simply do not know which way to go when it comes to their finances. She believes that bankruptcy should always be the last result and strives to help individuals identify routes towards reaching financial freedom and wealth building.