7 Side Hustles You May Not Have Considered

7 Types of Side Hustles You May Not Have Considered 

If there is one thing I have seen a lot of lately, it is the increase of inquiries about work-from-home jobs and side hustles. Being a Californian, who works for a non-profit, I completely understand the need for side income that provides the extra resources needed to make ends meet. Although not extensive, I have compiled a list of side hustles that you may or may not have thought about. If nothing else, I hope this list sparks an idea inside of you that you would like to try. In today’s society, where majority of people would rather pay someone than do it themselves, the possibilities of having a successful side hustle are endless.


  1. Uber/Lyft/Doordash

Self-employed services where you use your own car to pickup and deliver goods and people to their desired destinations. You can register with one or all of the companies to maximize your chances of earning money.


  • Can receive payment same day
  • Make you own hours
  • Can choose when you want to work.


  • Can be slow if not in high demand area
  • Time invested vs. money made can be lower than minimum wages some days
  • Miles and wear and tear on your car may not be worth the pay.


  1. Secret Apartment Shopper

Much like mystery store shoppers, EPMS-Ellis Partners Mystery Shoppers offers opportunities for contractors to shop apartment complexes. The idea is to visit the property as if you are a legit customer who is interested in leasing a unit from the property. You must have contact with the person they identify and record the visit through the method they name. Once the shop is complete, you must go home to complete the paperwork and submit all material to company by their chosen deadline.


  • Paid every 7th of the month
  • Usually a lot of shops available
  • New Shops every week
  • Easy sign-up process


  • Equipment needed (but you can rent from the company)
  • Paperwork needs to be completed timely
  • Pay can be docked
  • Shops fill quickly.


  1. Babysitting

If you love children and enjoy their company, this could be the best side hustle for you, especially if you know a lot of people with kids. Let family and friends know that (for a fee) you are available to babysit their kids during date night or when they just need a little break.


  • Choose your own work schedule
  • Choose your own prices
  • Usually leisurely activity


  • Work will usually take place on nights and weekends
  • Must be available most of the time to maintain clientele
  • Will usually have to travel to the home of family your babysitting for
  • Kids can be very active, must have patience


  1. Natural Hair Styling

Being a natural hairstyle can be a great side hustle. For one, people love getting their hair in natural hairstyles, especially with the natural hair movements and seeing natural hair on the big screen. Braids, twist, and locs are always in popular demand starting in the spring and last into the in end of summer. As long as you stick to Styles that do not involve heat or chemicals you do not need a cosmetology license.


  • Make your own prices
  • Can choose whether to travel or have client go to you
  • Same day payment.


  • Long hours, depending on the style
  • Physical wear and tear
  • Must keep up with current trends


  1. Hobbies

I did not realize how much a hobby could be a side-hustle until I began working with a group of talented young women who were taking their creations and making money from what they did for fun. Here are a few hobbies people have turned into side hustles. I would love to hear what others have done.

  • Cleaning service
  • Party decorating
  • Event planning
  • Cake-making
  • Photography
  • Make-up artist
  • Paint and sip instructors
  • Physical trainer
  • Knitting


  • Make your own prices
  • Making money doing what you love


  • Usually involves traveling
  • Requires more time and planning than some other side hustles
  • Business can be slow at times
  • Travel is necessary
  • Equipment required


  1. Selling on Etsy, Amazon and Offer-up

Selling and buying has been around for years. However, in the past 10 years regular, everyday people have discovered the income benefits of selling goods through online sites. If you are selling something people want then, these sites have made it easy for customers to gain access at little to no cost to you.


  • High-traffic sites
  • Low cost to free to sell merchandise,


  • Must be available to receive orders
  • May not sell inventory
  • A lot of competitors


  1. Paparazzi Accessories, Travel Agent

If you are looking into side hustles, you may have already come across these growing industries. While nothing is ever guaranteed, I see a new travel agent or paparazzi accessories seller on my timeline weekly. While I have no direct experience of my own, it seems that the marketing strategies are working and may prove to be something worth looking into.


  • Low cost to start
  • Typical cost to start is about $100 to $150 to start,
  • Merchandise is low cost


  • Pyramid system
  • Must pay to start
  • Must be under an existing member to become a seller



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