Welcome to The BudgetLounge!

Where I share personal finance education with beginning and intermediate level budgeters to assist them with reaching their financial goals whether it is becoming debt-free, travel planning or future planning. In my experience, those who do not budget either do not know where to start or are not convinced that budgeting will work for them. On the contrary, everyone who has tried budgeting has always had a positive financial outcome.pexels-photo-271168.jpeg

Through my own personal experience. I have developed a love and passion for all things personal finance and find fulfillment in sharing what I know with others.  Through this blog, I will share a variety of budgeting techniques and various ways to more money so that you can reach you financial goals. My goal is that you, the readers, find your own personal love of finance and improve your quality of life by becoming financially secure.

Check this site weekly for financial blog article updates and links to my budgeting videos on YouTube.